Authentication at eluXive

We know that it can be hard to authenticate items that are purchased online. That's why every single item at eluXive is carefully inspected and authenticated by our in-house experts before it's even listed for sale.

Our authentication team has over 10 years of experience with high end luxury goods, sneakers, and streetwear.  We never leave the delicate process of authentication to AI or inexperienced employees like other places.   

Most items available on our website come directly from an official retailer of the brand, not unknown individuals or resale platforms.  By controlling our supply through working only with trusted partners, we can ensure that the inventory we receive comes from a verified source.

Even items that have been previously authenticated by another company (such as StockX, GOAT, eBay, TheRealReal, etc) are re-authenticated by us upon arrival to ensure the accuracy of the prior authentication.

Unlike other websites, we own all of our inventory and have every piece already authenticated and ready to ship when you order.  This way, there are no unwanted delays and you don't have to wait for your item to be sent to an authentication center after purchase before being sent on to you.  We also do not have any time limits on our inspection process, and take as long as necessary to make sure each item is authentic.

eluXive takes authentication very seriously.  Our rigorous examination process ensures that everything you buy from us is verified 100% authentic, giving you the peace of mind to rock your new find knowing its the real deal.

Authentication at eluXive