Time Capsule: The Watch Drop

Time Capsule: The Watch Drop

In an era where our phones have taken over as our primary timekeepers and the true meaning of wearing a watch seems all but lost, we at eluXive firmly believe that watches are entering a new phase as instruments that symbolize our good taste and personal style.

While some will argue that watches have become nothing but status symbols, we believe otherwise.  Highly detailed replicas and a deluge of rental programs have made popular luxury watches commonplace, eroding the status that a prestigious timepiece used to imbue.  But what if you’re like us and find a deeper meaning in watches? What if you still desire something unique and exclusive but neither want to support illegal replicas or play the cat-and-mouse game of trying to score a popular watch from a retailer just to see the same thing on wrists all over?  Well, we have a solution. 

For the last few months, we’ve scoured the world for unique, genuine luxury watches that still represent true craftsmanship, style, and exclusivity.  Our curated collection highlights a selection of beautiful timepieces that’ll make you feel good about what you’re wearing without breaking the bank.  It’s what we do best here at eluXive.

Read below to find out why we selected the pieces we did or click here to shop our special selection before anyone else!

Authentic Rolex Watches at eluXive

Rolex Datejust 36 (2023)

No watch collection would be complete without a Rolex.  The undisputed leader in luxury watches, Rolex’s yearly revenues are more than triple that of Cartier or Omega, their closest rivals. Yet due to operating as a secretive, private trust, Rolex is able to control all aspects of production and distribution and retain an exclusive image.  We picked the Datejust 36 on a Jubilee bracelet since it is the perfect representation of the Rolex brand.  Its design can be traced back to the early 1960’s and has remained largely unchanged.  When you ask someone to imagine a Rolex, they’re probably going to picture a Datejust.  This 2023 model (REF 126200) features a beautiful mint green sunburst dial and can be dressed up or down due to its 36mm case size and durable stainless steel construction.  Green dial models are also coveted by collectors and have a great reputation for retaining value, which cannot be overlooked in the current market.  To sum it up, if you’re looking for a watch you can’t ignore Rolex.  Even in books, shows, and movies, if a watch is mentioned or is important to the story, it’s usually a Rolex.  We think this is the perfect one.

Authentic Breitling Watches at eluXive

Breitling Chronomat UTC (Vintage, 1990’s)

Founded in 1884, Breitling predates Rolex historically and has made a number of important contributions to horology.  Breitling watches initially gained popularity among athletes and aviators who favored them for their durability and precise timekeeping.  As well as inventing the modern chronograph, Breitling also produced watches capable of withstanding the harshest conditions, even supplying chronographs to the Royal Air Force during WWII.  We picked the Chronomat UTC to represent the best of Breitling.  Originally released in the 1980’s in the height of the quartz craze, the Chronomat shocked the watch world as a direct opposition to the minimal, ultra-thins other manufacturers were focusing on.  The Chronomat is thick, heavy, and painstakingly detailed and has a type of heft usually reserved for the toughest tool watches, not a luxury product.  While Breitling’s popularity peaked in the early 2000’s, the brand’s popularity is once again on the rise.  This 1990’s model (REF B13352) is an especially rare example.  With its deep slate gray dial with matching ‘co-pilot’ UTC module, 18K solid gold accents, and famous Rouleaux ‘bullet’ bracelet, this watch is a true holy grail of 90’s Breitling.

Vintage Omega Watches at eluXive

Omega Seamaster & Constellation (Vintage, 1970’s-1990’s)

With an even richer history than either Rolex or Breitling, Omega is our favorite recommendation as an entry point to luxury watches. Omega is respected by all but doesn’t carry the pretention of other luxury brands that are considered to be more flashy.  While the Speedmaster Moonwatch (1969) and James Bond Seamaster (1995) are widely known, the Omega watches released between these years present an incredible value proposition.  We selected a few classic Omega pieces we believe to be prime examples of this phenomenon.  The cheapest quartz-powered modern Omega lists at close to $3,000, but all the Omegas in our curated watch drop will run less than $1,000 and are sure to give you that “I had it before it was cool” feeling.  Have you seen the ultra-thin Seamaster Recife that’s been all over watch Instagram but is impossible to buy? Why not try the Seamaster Polaris.  Are you a 007 fan? Well the ‘Pre-Bond’ Seamaster 200m outdates it and comes in a lot cheaper.  Or maybe you’ve been lusting after an 80’s Rolex but don’t want to spend thousands? The 2-tone Seamaster 1425 is nearly identical to the layman and equally respected in the watch world.  Whatever the case is, we have the perfect vintage Omega for you.

Vintage Hermes Watches at eluXive

Hermes (Vintage, 1990’s)

Hermes? In a watch list? Yes. While they may be more famous for their luxurious leathers and unattainable Birkin bags, Hermes has been making watches for over 100 years.  Early Hermes watches were almost all custom designs for special clients, making them incredibly difficult to trace and authenticate.  However in the in 1980’s they finally began to mass produce their own timepieces in house, with extremely unique designs.  Models such as the Captain Nemo and Clipper borrow cues from maritime design, with circular shapes and exposed rivets.  The 1990’s Hermes watches we have selected have their own cult following, but their prices are still relatively low considering Hermes’ undeniably strong brand value.  Recently, Hermes has resumed making in-house movements and has positioned their new watch offerings substantially upmarket.  Therefore these underappreciated 90’s gems may not remain undervalued for long.

Vintage Gucci Watches at eluXive

Gucci (Vintage, 1980’s-2000)

Fashion watches often get a bad rap in watch circles. It’s well deserved - most fashion brands outsource or license their watches to other manufacturers. But not Gucci.  During the 1980’s through the early 2000’s, Gucci produced their watches at their own facility in Switzerland, utilizing premium materials and reliable ETA movements.  Much like Rolex, Gucci created a stable of classic designs and proceeded to make small, incremental improvements as time progressed.  While the brand is not at the same level as others on our list, the beautiful and subtly detailed Gucci watches of this era have been largely forgotten and deserve more respect.  It's become very difficult to find 80’s-00’s Gucci timepieces in well-kept condition, but luckily for you that’s a specialty at eluXive.  The models we have selected have enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity due to their inclusion in the House of Gucci movie and the renewed interest in smaller-faced, less obtrusive watches.  The 2000 series, 3000 series, and 9000 series present an incredible opportunity to own a truly special watch at an approachable price.  We are pleased to present one of the best collections of vintage Gucci watches, including the coveted 3300M worn by archetypal badass Winston Wolf in the monumental film Pulp Fiction.

As we introduce this extraordinary selection of luxury watches at eluXive, we invite you to embark on a journey that celebrates the history, craftsmanship, and personal style represented by these horological gems. With obscure vintage watches that carry tales of their own, you can experience the allure and charm that only an exceptional timepiece can bring. Shop our exclusive watch drop and discover the perfect watch that speaks to your individuality and stands as a testament to your refined taste.

Time is fleeting, but style is eternal.

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Gucci 3300M 'Pulp Fiction' Watch